About eon

EON is an electronic vaping device or an electronic cigarette that gives you the pleasure of smoking without actually smoking. It does not produce smoke, tar and ash. It’s #ONLYEVERYTHINGELSE.
Powered by Nico-Flo technology, EON comes with the unmatched promise of quality that ITC is famed for. Enjoy a superior vaping experience with unique flavours created by the master blenders of ITC.

EON presently offers you the choice of two flavours – Rich and Menthol.
Both variants are available in two formats – the disposables and the rechargeables. Please click on PRODUCTS to know more.

With our advanced technology and unique flavours we promise you an unparalleled and unique experience with every EON product. Are you ready to GO ON with EON?

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EON-ologyA Guide to Vaping

  • best electronic cigarette


    A battery powered device that produces vapour and not smoke, tar or ash.

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    (Derived from vapour)
    The act of using an electronic vaping device. Users are called vapers.

  • EON Favour


    It is produced from the atomization of the NicoPlus liquid.

  • best electronic cigarette

    Nico-Flo Technology

    Eon e-vapes are powered by Nico-Flo technology, which ensures that you get a smooth and seamless flow of vapour.

  • itc eon best e cigarette

    NicoPlus Liquid

    Proprietary combination of high quality ingredients – propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and unique flavourings prepared by the master blenders of ITC.

  • Eonizer

    Holds the NicoPlus liquid and the atomizer, which vapourizes the liquid using Nico-Flo Technology.

  • MaxCharge Battery

    The High Quality Lithium Ion battery that powers the Eonizer.