• How do I use an EON e-vape?

    EON electronic Vaping devices are designed to be ready to use. Kindly refer to the product leaflets with directions for usage.

  • How long does EON last?

    The number of puffs vary depending on personal usage. EON Zip lasts for 150 puffs**, EON Myx for 450 puffs**.
    EON Charge needs a cartridge replacement after approximately 250 puffs**. The chargeable battery can be recharged approximately 200 times.

  • All best electronic vaping devices (electronic cigarettes) have batteries/cells. Is it safe for use?

    Your EON vaping device uses high quality Lithium Ion Polymer cell, which have been tested and certified under UL1642. Under this certification the cells have been tested under extreme use/abuse conditions and found to be safe.

  • It is difficult to count puffs while vaping. How do I know I am getting the desired number of puffs?

    The number of puffs vary depending on personal usage. EON Zip lasts for 150 puffs**, EON Myx for 450 puffs** and EON Charge cartridge for 250 puffs**.

  • What power sources can be used to recharge EON Charge battery?

    The USB charger can be plugged to any power source of input voltage 5-5.3 v DC. Typically that includes laptop USB ports, multi-port USB connector, standard mobile adaptors etc. However, it is advised that only high quality power sources are used for consistency of output voltage delivered to the USB charger.

  • How much time will it take for EON Charge battery to regain full charge? Is there a chance of over-charging damage?

    Typically, it takes 2 hours for a completely drained battery to regain full charge, once the light on the USB charger turns green, the battery is fully charged. There are cut-off mechanisms in place to prevent over-charging. However, standard charging duration is advised for best results.

  • How will I know when it’s time to change the cartridge?

    Typically the flavour and vapour strength go down after 250 puffs*, this can happen even though the battery is charged. To ensure consistency of experience, we recommend that you keep stock of cartridges and replace it after recommended usage. Use only EON CHARGE cartridges for a world-class vaping experience.