Kick out smoking addiction with ITC EON!

If you take a glimpse on a search engine for hunting worthy information on "ways to quit smoking", you will be swamped with ample instructions and endless list of products that promise to get you rid of smoking addiction. The newest buzz for folks who are trying to leave smoking is the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. Surprisingly, overnight, this industry leaped up as an evidently worthwhile solution to quitting smoking, and with good reason: the electronic cigarette isn't a cigarette in real; it just pacifies your yearnings for nicotine.

Those that want to quit cigarette smoking have a hard-hitting road in front of them, but, not for the ones who opt for ITC EON electronic cigarette. You will fruitfully be able to kick out the hazardous and injurious smoking habit by using EON vape ITC. With cutting-edge technology and unique flavors, ITC promise you an incomparable and unique experience with every EON product!

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EON trigger

EON range of disposables comes in a stylish and unique trigger pack.

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Now Zip on the go, with EON's
low cost disposables.

How It works

When you vape EON, the draw triggers the in-built sensor, activating the MaxCharge Battery. This powers the Eonizer, which vapourizes the NicoPlus Liquid. A smooth stream of vapour flows out through the Soft Tip as the LED glows.

Soft Tip

EON e-vapes come with a Soft Tip to give you a delightful vaping experience


The NicoPlus liquid housed inside the Eonizer is à proprietary blend, a combination of quality ingredients and unique flavours prepared by the master blenders of ITC. It gives you a superior vaping experience.


The Eonizer holds and protects the NicoPlus liquid. It also houses the atomizer.

MaxCharge Battery

The MaxCharge battery in EON powers the Eonizer. It is manufactured under stringent quality standards and ensures consistent vaping experience. 1 EON Trigger pack stick lasts for 250 puffs** and 1 EON Zip stick lasts for 150 puffs.**

LED tip

The LED tip glows bright every time you puff your EON e-vape. If the LED starts blinking, it's time to get a new e-vape.

Nico-Flo Technology

The revolutionary Nico-Flo technology ensures a seamless flow of vapour for an unmatched, classy experience that is free of tobacco and smoke.
Take long and slow puffs to maximize the enjoyment and satisfaction from EON.

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Rich Flavour

Enjoy the rich and traditional taste in
every puff with this flavour created by
the master blenders of ITC

itc eon e-vape rich flavour


Enjoy the cool refereshing sensation of
menthol with this flavour created by the
master blenders of ITC

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Enjoy superior vaping experience, in compact size and price. EON Zip available in Rich Flavour, Menthol and Green Apple. Get 150 puffs at Rs.199/- only.

  • Trigger pack

    Making a statement is effortless with EON e-vapes. Style and convenience come together in the sleek and classy Trigger pack, that is light and fits easily in your shirt pocket. Simply press on the side to slide out a single stick, remove the mouthcap and vape on.

  • EON Zip packs

    EON Zip is a single usage electronic vaping device which comes in a handy blister pack designed for on-the-go performance. Simply tear along the serration given on the back of the pack and Zip On!

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