EON E-Vape: The New IN thing

February 23, 2015
EON E-Vape
EON E-Vape

Oh, em, gee: there’s a new fun thing in town, and everybody’s SUTTAOING it (well, not quite literally). Rrithik Hoshan, Lunny Seone – I have even heard that Middharth Salhotra cannot live without it. Its called EON E-Vape, (Geekos refer to it as electronic vaping device) and it is supposed to be to cigarettes what kindle is to books. :p
If you are below 18, please close this page!!!

It is not powered by matchsticks or lighters. Gone are those days. Gen-X wants an “E” prefixed to everything. It does not fart out smoke, tar or ash and all that polluting stuff (Remember that gory ad played before movies @ PVR: ITNA TAAR AAPKO BIMAAR, BAHUT BIMAAR BANA DETA HAI. Well, apparently, all that will soon become unreal if this stuff catches up). And btw, there is no plug attached to it, its battery powered. As the slogan goes, it is literally – ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, with 2 flavours – Rich Flavour & Menthol.
Three of my close friends are already hooked on to it – For the first, the smoking lounge is way too far from his desk and he prefers Vaping in the comfort of the loo. It works just fine as it does not piss off any of the millions of smoke alarms installed in his office. For the other guy, it helps him distract himself from the gruelling study schedule in his bedroom. A cigarette was too risky as his mom had a real powerful smell sense. J For the last chic, well, she loves to EVD her frustration out after a gruelling day on an AC bus along the Powai-Goregaon route in Mumbai (Yes, she does it on a BEST bus and its apparently not illegal).
What makes it likely to catch on? Well, for starters, as I explained above, it is super convenient – Doesn’t piss off smoke alarms, fellow travellers, law-keepers, moral police. Its core appeal (Convenience, Read Anytime & Anywhere) stands on two legs – Smoke-free & Battery powered. Whether it will catch up or not, well, no prizes for guessing where my bets are. :p
Apart from this one thing, it’s just regular SUTTA. Doesn’t promise you heaven or wonderland or Katrina Kaif.
Chalo guys, I am in my bedroom, back to Vaping.
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PS: Please don’t jump on the celebrity bandwagon. I wrote that last night when I was Vaping this stuff. Lol. :p :p :p

Note: This is a fun,fiction post. I do not smoke