No more resolutions to quit. Just switch.

July 5, 2018

Here’s a story as old as time. You decide that you’ve had enough and you’re quitting cigarettes. Resolutions like these are made on New Year’s, the beginning of every month and on every Monday morning. More often than not, we end up failing.
Why does this happen? Why is it so hard to quit?


Well, tobacco has nicotine. Nicotine once consumed, travels to the brain inducing a feeling of euphoria and elevation of mood. However, this feeling doesn’t last long, your body again begins to crave nicotine because who doesn’t like feeling great all the time? Fighting off is very difficult because brains are hardwired into wanting more of what makes them feel good. The same goes for sugar.

So technically, it is not completely your fault you can’t quit. You may have tried nicotine patches and gum. You may even have tried just quitting completely without tapering down. Doesn’t seem to work out very well though, does it? That’s because the human brain, a complex and beautiful thing, is very difficult to fool. However, there may be a way out. E- Cigarettes. We’ll explain.

When you see all those posters about smoking, it is not the nicotine they are warning you about. While not the best thing ever, – it is not the nicotine but the chemicals, tar and the process of burning tobacco that creates havoc in your body. Public Health England has released a study that says that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. In fact, vaping is one of the leading reasons for the UK becoming the second-lowest smoking country in Europe. Even celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Leonardo Di Caprio and Paris Hilton use vape. Katherine Heigl even talked about how she used e-cigarettes to quit smoking after having tried everything else, on a TV show with David Letterman.


So, it does work. And it is a safer alternative.

But how will vaping help you quit smoking? Here are some answers.

1.When you smoke a cigarette, you have to go through the entire stick at a go. That is not the case of e-cigarettes. You can take two puffs and put it out, if that’s what you want. By allowing you to choose how much to smoke, vaping allows you to modify and then eventually taper off your nicotine consumption.
2.Other methods like gum or patches don’t work as well because with them, you lose the physical action of smoking a cigarette. However, when it comes to vaping, you still hold that e-cigarette and you still blow out vapour which makes it easier for your body to adapt to it.
3.Vapes are available in many different flavours like green apple, mint, cigar and even rosogolla to help make your transition easier with their great taste and fragrance.
4.Lastly, you don’t blow out smoke but only water vapour, e-cigs are better for the people around you as well as the air is purer, cleaner and free of carcinogens.


So, if you are someone that is trying to quit, try vaping. Take it from someone who is experienced that even very high willpower might not be enough when it comes to quitting. Using my EON has given me a new chance at life and I think vaping is the future. Now, you have no excuse to go back to smoking. Quit trying to quit. Simply, switch.