Reasons why vaping is a better and smarter alternative

July 5, 2018

Who even smokes anymore?

All the developed countries have moved on from the fad of smoking and taken to vaping, which has become the new cool. With the rise in health concerns around the world, it has become seriously out of fashion to smoke. So what is this vaping, you ask? Well, it’s the way to quit smoking with the best alternate!

Don’t believe me? Well, let me present my case. Read on.

Tata to Tar
The primary reason that vaping was so quickly accepted was because it does not contain tar. This gives users the reassurance that their daily dose of nicotine does not come from a cigarette!

Plug in and you’re good to go
Who has the time anymore to go around looking for a light when they can use e-cigarettes instead? Just put your device to charge along with your phone and laptop and when you leave the house, you’re good to go!

Lighter on the wallet
Ah! That peaked your interest, didn’t it? You might be skeptical because you’ve done your research, seen the prices and know that vapes are sold at a minimum price of 500 bucks while your cigarette costs less than 20. Well, here’s the thing. Your cigarette gets over in less than a minute while the vape will last you very long. It’s simple arithmetic, really.

What’s cooking, good looking?
Let’s face it. Our daily dose of nicotine also comes with the acrid taste of tobacco. Ugh! What we wouldn’t do to get rid of that? Well, glad you asked. Because, vaping is the answer to that. They come in a bunch of different flavours. Brands like EON come in rich, menthol and green apple. Yummm! Who wouldn’t prefer the fruity, delicious taste of green apple on their lips over tobaccos? Oh, and all the smoke smell? That’s gone too!

The terrible stains
How often have we cursed ourselves over the accidental burn mark on our bed sheets or the stains left behind by a cigarette? Well, don’ fear, EON is here! (Well other brands too, but I use this one so just put it out there. Plus, it rhymed :) E-cigs are a strict no no… as far as stains are concerned.

All the celebs are doing it
From Johnny Depp in his film Tourist to Leonardo Di Caprio in real life, all the famous people are doing it and there must be a reason for it!


Bye bye to ciggiesLast but not the least; vaping is the best way to quit smoking. Repeated research and studies have proven that vaping works better than nicotine patches or gum and is easier to do than going cold turkey.


So there you have it! I’m sure you hardly need more convincing, so go get your own vape and understand what the hype is all about!