Shift To A Culture Of E-Cigarettes Which Is Now Taking Over Delhi And The World

July 5, 2018

Culture is a fluid and ever-evolving phenomenon. For everything old, there is something cooler and better – always.

The same is true about the new avatar of smoking – known as Vaping. When you wake up in the morning, go for a stroll in the park or have your lunch – there is always an urge to smoke. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the pleasure without actually offending the smoke alarms, people passing by and the moral police?

Enter one of the hottest trends that have been catching up among youngsters – Vaping and E-cigarettes. E-Cigarettes are a cheaper and a smarter option to smoking regular cigarettes. The e-cigarettes which have been existent in many foreign countries are now making waves in India as well. It is an effective alternative to smoking especially for those who are willing to get rid of smoking while looking for an option that curbs their urges.

I was bombarded by the tales of how alternatives to cigarettes are taking over. In my own social circle, I used to see at least 3 out of 5 people carrying vapes. To my surprise when I tried the green apple flavor of EON, I was pleasantly overwhelmed.

When I decided to increase my knowledge about vaping & know more about incredible flavor I just had, I discovered EON E-cigarettes. To add an extra incentive to them, EON has added amazing flavors to choose from. The device does not leave ash or produce tar; rather it gives you good flavor which is smoke & tar free. Since it only requires you to charge the device every now and then, e-cigarettes can be used for a lifetime with monthly investments in the form of cartridges. Isn’t this a good deal?

After my personal experience, I will highly recommend EON E-Cigarettes because it helps you move away from addictions and towards a smarter & better life.

It is heartening to see people, switching to the vape culture, and as a society we are now more open to adapting to the newer trends of lifestyle. It is also endearing to see that we are seemingly moving in the right direction. Give up smoking folks, vape instead!


I have vowed to myself, that the next time I feel like smoking a cigarette, I would rather go for a smarter alternative, most probably the green apple flavored EON. After all, what is better than the compact yet powerful EON as a tag along that I can use anytime, anywhere!
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