Understanding the Vaping Evolution in India

July 5, 2018

Vaping is the use of an electronic device to replicate the feeling of smoking tobacco without inhaling tar and other chemicals. While vapes have been around for a long time since they were invented in China, they have recently become popular in India. The growing popularity of vaping garners curiosity amongst those who don’t know about it. Here we breakdown the vaping evolution in India for a better understanding.

1.Vape products, also called e-cigarettes, were first introduced in India in 2013. However, most users have been using it actively since the last couple of years. Even two years ago, finding an e-cigarette was rare, but it has now become a common sight.


2.Vaping has time and again proven to be the better alternative to smoking. Studies have shown that vapes are as effective as nicotine gums or patches while simultaneously being easier than going cold turkey. A recent study showed that over 30% of the smoker base in the UK have switched to vaping. How’s that for effective!

3.A lot of legitimate companies have sprung up in the business and are contributing to fulfilling the quickly rising demand of e-cigarettes.

4.With Public Health, England reporting that vaping is about 95% safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, a lot of the crème de la crème of Indian society decided to take up e-cigarettes with the aim to look fashionable while also preserving their health. And we all know that when the influential people start doing something, it is only a matter of time before the others follow. Everyone who was anyone, from college students to young executives could be seen with an e-cig in hand.

5.What helped along was the easy availability. Once, where e-cigarettes were hard to come by, now between 30 to 50% of the market. Vapes are available on sites like lovelites.in, www.indivape.in and www.esutta.com and there is no dearth of choice for users as they can get their favourites delivered to their doorstep. That was a huge step forward in the evolution of e-cigarettes as the product was not only made available to the people but also gained interest with their various flavours and options.

6.Encouraged by the rising demand, even companies are catering to specific needs of the Indian consumers by providing India specific flavours. While EON has flavors like rich, menthol and green apple, other brands have flavors ranging from coffee, strawberry, paan and even biryani and rosogolla! This onslaught of Indian flavours have helped to cater to various tastes and also was a sure sign of increasing promise of the Indian market. e-cigarettes were here to stay.


7.If there is still any doubt over the growing fan following of vapes, one only has to look at the numerous Vaping groups on Facebook or the two-year old Vaping Fan Club in Mumbai. The members of the club meet regularly to educate and support one another. They talk about their gear and also supply resources to make sure that no other member falls off the wagon and starts smoking again. The founder of the club, Jay Kapadia, 50 claims to have the largest collection in India with 20 mods and 120 juices that he puts out on display.

Vapes are universally recognized to be the safer and better method for the cessation of tobacco use. Even in India, with the market growing bigger each day it looks like vaping is here to stay.