Why This Generation Should Experience The New Alternatives to Smoking?

July 5, 2018

This generation is all about making a mark, leaving an impact & thus we see the emergence of new trends. I think we are privileged to be a part of this amazing revolution that technology has given us. Be it the huge success of Snapchat or the advent of selfies or the popularity of a Gangnam style! Well, isn’t our generation the quirkiest?



Another trend which has hit the Indian markets is, E- cigarettes! Just when we thought that there is no substitute to smoking; this generation witnessed an influx of E-Cigarettes and other vaporizers.

Well, this is enough proof that time is flying & technology is changing rapidly. I mean, who would have thought that a funny move in a video on YouTube will become the trend of the decade- Gangnam Style or technology as a major pillar in election campaigns?

Similarly, we have witnessed the evolution of various styles of smoking. It all started with cigars and rolled tobacco. And now it’s time to embrace e-Cigarettes & vaporizers.

Vaping as trend is still at its nascent stage and it is about time that it becomes one of the leading options as the substitute for smoking. We are a generation that has been spoilt with choices, E-cigarettes, & sugar free nicotine chewing gums are only the tip of the iceberg of options for smarter alternatives to smoking.

The fact that vaping & e-cigarettes’ are a smarter alternative to smoking has made millions of health conscious smokers, especially the Millennials, switch to this method which is tar & smoke free.

It is no secret that chain smokers spend a good amount every month on cigarettes’, which leads to burning a hole in their pockets. E-Cigarettes like EON are way cheaper than other alternatives available in the market.

So the emerging trends of E-cigarettes, vapors are not only pushing you towards a better life but also towards a better option monetarily. If we do the math, it’s pretty easy to figure out that the cost of buying cigarettes for daily consumption is way higher than the cost of a vapor or a set of nicotine chewing gums.

The nicotine fixes that a smoker needs is taken care of by all these substitutes and instead of borrowing a light, one can now simply grab an E-Cigarette and inhale vapor with a variety of flavors instead of the smoke from a regular cigarette. Amongst the array of benefits of products like nicotine patches or E-Cigarettes from EON, is that they are now readily available.

Talking about effectiveness, these newly emerged methods are gaining wide appeal. Also, the absence of the multitudes of chemicals and tar makes it technically not smoking, it’s vaping. One does not need to take heed of the ‘no smoking’ signs anywhere as it’s just vapor that is being exhaled and no smoke comes out of it.

The trend is taking over the entire generation that is tech savvy and health conscious and for all the right reasons!

Whether you switch to E-cigarettes’ or vaping or chewing gums, it doesn’t matter as long as you switch. Just switch NOW!

Blogger Name: Bhumika Thakkar (http://www.newlove-makeup.com/)